Missed Deadlines

Somehow in the midst of my current chaotic situation, I missed the full moon!

The Moon

That’s right – I missed my own deadline. And that, my friends, is something I recommend we all do from time to time, particularly when stressed, because it’s wonderfully freeing. The fail has happened, I can’t fail more than I already have – how great is that?

With all pressure gone, I took my time to get this to you.

I’ve sorted through mountains of papers, most of which could have been thrown out weeks/months/years ago, and as I progressed, I wondered if I’ll ever overcome this tendency to accumulate useless pieces of paper.

I’m the type of person who  wanders around hardware stores, loving the way they have everything in a special place, cataloged and easy to find.

Interior, Tweedy & Popp Hardware Store, 1916 N...

Interior, Tweedy & Popp Hardware Store, 1916 N 45th St, Wallingford neighborhood, Seattle, Washington. Seattle’s oldest extant hardware store, founded 1920, in the same location since 1949. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve also been known to spend too much time in office supply stores, looking at various containers to keep things in.  I’m not predisposed to keeping things tidy beyond a certain point, but I do dream of orderly file cabinets and shelves. I dream of knowing exactly where to go to find that travel brochure we brought home from our last trip, the one that I put ‘somewhere’ out of sight because I needed to clean up for some reason and I was busy with living,

And then there’s the man I married – hi Tony!

Order to him is piles of papers where ever he leaves them. He knows where to find what he needs, but the problem I have with his system is that when he no longer needs something, it just remains in a pile untouched. Until we move and I throw them away.

Throwing away ‘stuff’ is another liberating activity.

Some of the papers I’ve thrown out belonged to me, and among them there have been many memories. Maps and brochures from places we’ve visited, and stories written by my writing friends. It is lovely to glance at them and remember when…

One of the piles of papers to be discarded.

One of the piles of papers to be discarded.

But, if we weren’t moving, I would never have looked at them. Is this a benefit of moving? Maybe.

When we sold our family home in Australia, my daughters took endless photographs of the important memories they wanted to keep and I thought that was a great idea, but photos of stacks of brochures, maps, and printed papers won’t provide me with memories, so I’m letting them go.

The important memories are in my head.

But I still yearn for an orderly life.

In my orderly life, I would place those pamphlets on a special shelf until we are settled back from our holiday, and then I’d use them as prompts to create some type of record of where we went and what we did, something that would be easy to flip through and read.

And those printed stories and paper bills – I’d allocate special shelves or drawers for certain months, and then every three to six months, I’d clean out the the old to make room for the new. How sweet that would be!

It would, however, involve more deadlines. Perhaps not so sweet, but I won’t worry about it because it won’t happen. There is always a far more important desire that takes priority in my life. It changes from time to time, but somehow, the orderly life never seems to hit the top of the list. Maybe I like the dream more than the reality.

In two more sleeps, we leave our Glasgow home and as I sort and toss, filming of The Pull is coming to a conclusion. It’s been a fun ride watching movie magic in the making, and today I’m going to share some of it with you. Click Here to see a preview!!!! 😉


Australia, I will see you at sunrise in one week and one day. Looking forward to it very much. xxxx