Moving Panic

How To Stop Panic Attacks

I’m having fleeting moments of panic when I think of all the little jobs I’ve yet to do before the big M day. The only solution is to get serious about this moving business and begin working at it. In an attempt to prevent my head from imploding, I made the following list for myself more than anyone else, but it may prove handy for others planning an international move. I’m sure most people would have done a lot more by this stage, which is why I was too embarrassed to make it public until I could cross off at least a few of the items.

  1. Book move and fill out formal paperwork
  2. Complete customs forms
  3. Send Invitations to Farewell Party
  4. Prepare for Farewell Party
  5. Farewell Party – that was great fun!
  6. Notify Dentist


    notify_me (Photo credit: Inspiredhomefitness)

  7. Notify Doctor
  8. Cancel house insurance
  9. Cancel car Insurance
  10. Notify Gas and Electricity
  11. Notify water
  12. Notify telephone, television and broadband company
  13. Notify bank
  14. Notify postal service
  15. Arrange mail forwarding
  16. Notify city council
  17. Notify milkman
  18. Notify change of address with Australian companies – rates, water, taxes, MCC, insurance, shares
  19. Sorting through papers, clothes and other items we no longer need and giving them away – aaaagh!
  20. Marketing book – what book?
  21. Writing – what’s that?
  22. Blogging -struggling.
  23. Keeping up with everyday activities like cooking, eating, cleaning, washing, ironing – struggle getting bigger every day.
  24. Super clean of house after furniture gone – frightening prospect
  25. Super tidy of garden – what if I leave this to last, and it pours with rain????
  26. Notify friends and family of move.

It actually doesn’t look that bad when I list it like this. Of course, the other small disruption I have going on is that my daughter and her friend are staying with us at the moment, and they are extremely busy making a movie, The Pull. Read more about it here. Many of the scenes in the movie are set in our home, so some days are far more discombobulating than others – the days when the crew are filming in my kitchen or living spaces. It sounds like the worst of possible times for this to be happening, but in reality, I think it is providing me with a wonderful distraction. Watching how low budget movies are made is fascinating, chatting to the crew and cast is fun, and overall it’s exciting. Far better than stressing or losing my head!