To The Blog



I’m starting a blog. I can hear your questions, the same ones that bounced around my head for months:

Why would you want to blog, and what on earth will you write about???

Let’s take a look at them.

Why do I want to start a blog?

Because I’m a writer and as such, I’m meant to write, but more importantly, because writers need a Google presence. I need my name to come up when typed into the Google search engines, so publishers can readily find me. Fascinating stuff!

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

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Eggs-actly, which brings me to –

What will I write about?

Nine years ago, on the night of a full moon in August 2003, my husband, youngest daughter and I flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida to begin living in another country. I wish I’d written about the adventure as it happened, but I didn’t and my memory of the changes  we underwent has blurred. Let’s blame the stress. Learning to live in a new culture, finding my way around a new place and navigating simple things like finding the food we liked was challenging.

Now we are reversing the process, and I want to record my thoughts as I approach the much-anticipated return to living in Australia. Once there, I hope to continue to record how it feels to adjust to living somewhere familiar but changed from the home I left many years earlier.

Don’t panic! I won’t bombard you with many posts, despite the advised recommendation to blog often. Frequent blogging is not for me. Who has time to write a blog every day? Certainly not me; I don’t have time to even READ a blog a day, and so I’ll assume you’re in the same boat – a busy person with more important things to do than to read my words of wisdom. This is a SLOW BLOG. I plan to post something about once a month. Let’s say, every full moon.

Full Moon

Full Moon (Photo credit: kennytyy)

Very fitting, although a lone wolf howling at the moon might be more appropriate. Mmmmm…

I like that the moon is the same all over the world. Melbourne will have a full moon on the same date as Glasgow’s, although I’m not surprised to discover it’s a day earlier in Florida. I’ll forgive Boca Raton for not complying with my same-day-the-world-over belief, because I still remember its wonderful full moons of creamy yellow in those warm night skies. Sigh! I miss Boca nights.

Ahem! Where was I apart from sitting at my computer in cold Glasgow? Oh yes, the full moon and blogging.

What I need you to do, is to head outdoors, or look out the window, or Google it, and work out when the full moon is going to happen this month, so you don’t miss out on my first exciting blog instalment. Alternatively, you can simply click where it says ‘Follow’ on the left of this page to receive email notifications each time I write a post.

Let me know if you have a blog, too.

And for those few I know who have already made the move back to Australia after living in the US, I’d love to hear how it worked out for you. Please, tell me your stories.