I’m a wife, mother, sister, friend and all those other female-type things. I love to write fiction.  I’m passionate about birth and healthy living.

I love flowers, trees, birds, dogs, animals in general, and children. I adore sunshine and missed it when I lived in Scotland. I moved to Scotland after living in Florida, America for five years. I was happy in America, and very happy in Scotland, but never truly at home in either of those places. After five years living in Glasgow, I have returned to Australia and feel whole again, as if a part of me was waiting here each time I left, and reconnected with me as soon as my feet touched the Australian soil.

I began this blog to record my experience of repatriating back home, so I’d remember it better than I remembered the experience of moving to America. Many of the finer details of that amazing time have faded.

There were many adjustments to moving back to Australia. As well as buying a new home, car, and creating a garden, I’m reconnecting with old friends and maintaining contact with friends in two other countries. Plus, I have siblings and cousins, my four children, a step grand-daughter, and now a grandson, all living nearby and taking up my time. I adore them all, but they have made me aware of how peaceful my expat life was in comparison.

As a result of the above wonderful time-thieves, blogging has been neglected, but I still want to record my adventures and feelings about different aspects of my life, so I’m resurrecting this to record my travels, and possibly aspects of my garden creation — a subject I’m learning about as I go, and any other subjects that inspire or interest me.  

You can also find me at The Writing Midwife.

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