Iphone Photos

The Night Noodle Market

Photo taken at the Melbourne Night Noodle Market in the daytime.

For some time, I’ve resisted using my iPhone for photos, choosing instead, to remain stuck in the misguided belief that I couldn’t clearly see an image on a phone screen, an opinion I believe comes from many years of using the viewfinder on my oldish digital camera.

But all that changed this week when I didn’t take my camera on a city walk with my walking group.

We began in Richmond and headed towards the city’s skyscrapers, walking alongside the Yarra. Melbourne is surrounded by green places, making the sight of the city skyline come as a surprise at times. It’s hard to believe there are so many pleasant spots close to a major city.

Some of my walking companions

The first photo I took wasn’t as successful as the ones above, but it was the one that first prompted me to pull out my phone. I nearly trod on a beautiful parrot that blended so well into the green grass that it was almost invisible. The movement as it pecked at grass seeds caught my eye and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to photograph it. At first I thought it was a budgerigar, but on closer examination, I discovered it was a Red Rumped Parrot.

I had to crop the photo because the original  looked like a photo of grass!

Red Rumped Parrot

Red Rumped Parrot

You can see a better image of a Red Rumped Parrot here.

I love that such striking and colourful birds can be found in the city’s gardens and parks. A little further down the track, there were Galahs to photograph as well, so out came the phone again.



The more I used the phone to take photographs, the easier it became. I did need to stand in the shade to clearly see and frame the image I wanted to take, and I often lingered so long taking photos that I fell behind my fellow walkers and had to run to catch up to them, but I didn’t mind.

My walking companions escaping!

Getting closer to the city.

In the city

And closer

We have arrived.

We have arrived.

And still the greenery continued.

A city Walk November 2014 046

I was excited when we came upon the Federation Bells, created in 2001 by by Anton Hasell and Neil McLachlan to commemorate the centenary of Australia’s federation. I’d never seen them before.

The Federation Bells

The Federation Bells

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to wait for their scheduled ringing, but next time I go to the city, I’ll make sure I get there at the right time. They can be heard daily between 8-9 am, 12.30-1.30 pm, and 5 pm-6 pm.

We walked past the Night Noodle Market, visited the Immigration Museum – which I highly recommend – went over and under the Yarra bridges, and sat on the grass under a shady tree in Southbank to eat our lunch.

I’m impressed with the quality of the images – I generally don’t Photoshop because I’m just clicking away for memories, not art – and these are fine as far as I’m concerned.

Apparently, I CAN take iPhone photos!

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Unfortunately, using the iPhone to take photographs has’t resolved my tendency to sometimes produce images with muddled horizons that make them look slanted.

Sandridge Bridge

Sandridge Bridge

But I did master zooming in!

Underneath Sandridge Bridge

Underneath Sandridge Bridge

I was impressed with how clean it was everywhere we walked, especially the river, and then I saw this rubbish trap.

Yarra rubbish

Yarra rubbish

What a brilliant and effective idea!

I Love Melbourne

I Love Melbourne

I feel lucky  to have been born in this country, and that Melbourne is my home town, I love its green places, quirky buildings, art, and ambiance.

And I love my iPhone!

12 thoughts on “Iphone Photos

    • Thanks for popping by, Valerie.
      I’m amazed at the quality of the photos, even though my iPhone isn’t the newest model. Now I’m a convert – it is so much easier than lugging my big heavy camera around.
      If you haven’t been to Melbourne, I hope you make it here some day.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • I use my little Sony digital camera because it is so compact and saves time taking notes when out doing research. I am no professional but I feel that the quality is good enough to use on my blog.
        I will get to Melbourne one day. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  1. Lovely to see Melbourne looking as beautiful as the weather. These pictures are terrific. (I stayed in Yarra in 2010)
    All best. Hilda x

    • Hi Hilda!
      I hope you get back here one day soon, too. Maybe when the movie premieres here??
      The weather has been brilliant this spring. I confess I’m not missing Scotland’s grey chill, although absence has made my heart grow even fonder of dear Glasgow.

  2. What a lovely collection of photos. Are the bells new? I don’t remember even hearing about them. And I am really glad to have another blog from you! I expect that it might be about time to change the title of your blog as I think you have about completed your transition to home.

    In any case, it is wonderful to hear from you again and to see some of your amazing phone photos of Melbourne!!!

    Love, Diane

    • Thank you, Hugh, although I suspect your praise is overly generous. My niece takes great iPhone photos, too – the technology is astounding, but I’ll still use my old clunky viewfinder camera when I’m home. The iPhone is a bonus for when I don’t want to carry the heavy camera and I’m pleased those birds forced me to use it.

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