Room for One More?

White Night Crowd

White Night Crowd

One could easily be led to believe their are too many people in the world today, with people fighting over borders, land, and who belongs to what in all corners of the globe.  And yet, our planet is large and I believe that if we invested our resources in positive ventures rather than war, we’d discover there is enough for all.

I wanted to write about all the good things that have been happening in my corner of the world lately, but the greater world news almost makes me feel guilty about my happiness. Many countries are caught up in wars, and too many innocent victims are injured or dying as a result of grown-ups acting like children – battling over possessions.

My deepest sympathy goes out to all those families in the midst of the worst war torn areas, and those caught unexpectedly with loved ones who have been hurt, or killed as a side effect of the mayhem.  I don’t want to take away from the magnitude of their pain, but I can’t change the killing and damaging behaviours of others, so I simply choose to do what I believe is the loving action in any situation.

Caring for our earth and being kind to others are loving actions. Killing and harming people are actions based on fear.

A friend of mine who is married to an Israeli with many family members living close to the Gaza border, wrote to me about a minor problem in her life that left her feeling disgruntled and sad.  In the midst of the bad news of the last few weeks, she realised the pointlessness of her sadness and wrote to me, saying –

The least I can do is add to the positive vibrations in the world and smile – Patti Daboosh.

I wholeheartedly agree!

And on that note, please indulge me as I share some of the things that have made me smile recently.

In my May post, I told you that The Pull, the film our youngest daughter wrote, directed, and starred in had been accepted by the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. Jenni and her editor/producer friend, Christa Markley, attended the film festival in June. They had a wonderful time and met some great people who made them feel welcome and special. The icing on the Film Festival cake was when she received the award for Best Foreign Feature. We were so happy for her.

See Jen’s Q & A after the screening of her film in Toronto by clicking here.

Best Foreign Feature Award

Best Foreign Feature Award

Jenni, Christa, and The Award. June 2014

Jenni, Christa, and The Award.

This month, I was thrilled to be invited to the premiere of another indie film, Pretty Good Friends, which Jenni starred in. This movie was directed by another young girl, Sophie Townsend – no relation – and Tony and I got a wonderful buzz sitting in a small theatre and seeing Jen on the big screen.

You can see the Pretty Good Friends trailer by clicking here.

Sophie Townsend introducing her film, Pretty Good Friends, starring Jenni Townsend.

Sophie Townsend introducing her film, Pretty Good Friends, starring Jenni Townsend. Photo by Tony Townsend

Tonight, we are attending a Wakakirri competition that our eldest daughter, Cindy’s primary school students are performing in. Cindy created, and has been heavily involved in almost every aspect of this production, and it’s something that the school children love to take part in. We’re really looking forward to seeing it for the first time.

The other big news is that our youngest son Ben, and his partner are expecting a baby. Another little person for this world, which brings me back to the title of this post. Is there room for one more on our troubled planet?

Absolutely! This baby is already loved, and there’s always room for more love, it’s infinite.

It’s fear we need less of.

If I was still living in Scotland, I would have enjoyed the fun Commonwealth games, but I’d be desperately sad to be missing out on sharing the celebrations of my children’s achievements.

Fortunately, I’m not living in Scotland. I am here, in Australia, and that makes me smile.

This was a happiness whose other name was home. —  Roger Cohen


16 thoughts on “Room for One More?

  1. Congratulations to your entire family! Reading good news such as this helps lessen the sadness of my news feed. It’s the innocent victims that wrenches my heart … and reading good news helps, doesn’t it?

    • I’m not sure, Cindi. I don’t think we should hide from the sadness, but I do believe we should focus on creating a loving life as best we can. Just imagine if everyone did that, there’d be no killing.
      Thank you for the congratulations. I feel we’ve had a glut of good news of late, but that’s no reason to ignore it. 🙂

  2. Juli, your news really cheered me up today. I would love to see both those films you mentioned and will certainly look out for them. Congratulations on the news of a new member of the family also on its way. We all deserve to have good news and when someone choses to share it with others, it spreads love, joy and happiness to many other people as well (well, that’s what I think anyway). With very best wishes to you and your family, Hugh

    • Thank you for the good wishes, Hugh. I hope you’re right about them spreading the joy. .
      The films are very small independent affairs made on the cheap, and they may be available online one day, but I wouldn’t expect them to be coming to a theatre near you anytime soon! 🙂

      • In which case, I will keep an eye out for them on Channel 4 over here, Juli, as they show quite a lot of films made by small independent companies. I hope you are well and having a good winter over there (if winter can be any good in your books :))

      • Thanks, Hugh.

        Winter isn’t all bad, we’ve had some beautiful mild days with brilliant blue skies amongst the really cold ones. And next week, we’re heading north for a break and some slightly warmer temperatures.

  3. A beautiful and uplifting post Juli.Like many of us, I have been giving much thought to the wars and aggression in the world today, and come to the conclusion that that being kind and giving love to those I come into contact with is all I can do.Congratulations on your new impending addition to the family.

  4. Congrats, Juli! I’ve just been down south and during my stay my first great grandson arrived. (The omission of the hyphen is deliberate; great might get away with being seen as an adjective, with any luck!) Two old friends died within the same period; one in, two out, sadly. For a scary read, Al Gore’s latest is an eye-opener, apparently. But what can we do? Just work towards the greater good, as you say. We can but try.

    • Well – you’ve blown my socks off, Suzanne. How can you possibly have a great, or even a fantastic grandson? You’ve been keeping secrets from me. Congratulations! 🙂
      Sorry about your friends. One of the sad side effects of growing old.
      Thanks for commenting.

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