Home Among the Gumtrees

This time last year, in a post titled, What a Difference a Month Makes, I blogged about appreciating the Scotland I would leave behind when we moved back to Australia.

The approach of summer meant we’d be having more visitors, but I also eagerly anticipated my daughter’s upcoming visit to make her movie, The Pull in our house. The exciting news this month is that her movie will be included in the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto this June.

The Pull poster

The Pull poster

On reflection, it’s clear that twelve months ago was when I became very busy – a busyness that lasted well into this year, but life has settled again. I’ve readjusted my time to factor in small bites for writing, which has given me the freedom to embrace the wonderful breadth of my life here.

We have been here nine months now, and I’m amazed out how much pleasure I still get from the little things, like waking to the laughter of kookaburras,

Kookaburras and cairns March 2014 003

the warbling of magpies – they sound far prettier than Scottish magpies – listen here, and even the raucous screeching of the cockatoos bring a smile to my sleepy face.

I feel my transition is complete, but life is a continuum of changes and that’s certainly true for what’s happening to our home at the moment. We have begun the process of creating a new garden, one I hope will attract some of the small, timid birds that live in the nearby gully, as well as continuing to provide food and water for the varieties we already have, such as this one – the crimson rosella.

Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

In the meantime, I continue to enjoy the way the light affects the bay, changing it’s hues from silvers, to pinks and various blues, Full Moon Jan 2014 469 Full Moon Jan 2014 672 January 2014 001 the magnificent sunsets,

May sunset 2014 004

the light show at night,

Night Lights Photo by Cindy Townsend

Night Lights
Photo by Cindy Townsend

and the early morning moonlight reflecting on the sea.

Full Moon Jan 2014 680It’s good to be home among the gum trees.

14 thoughts on “Home Among the Gumtrees

  1. Birds. I wake up every morning in our new home to the chirping of the birds. They sing for us all day. Beyond their chirp is silence.

    • I love the sound of birds.
      I don’t notice the traffic sounds here, either, unlike Florida where the constant hum of traffic and sirens were a constant background noise.
      I hope we get to see your new home next January. .

  2. Terrific, Juli. Lovely pictures and words. You give a great sense of the contentment you feel to be back among your ‘ain folk’! Hilda x

  3. Lovely pictures and words Juli and I enjoyed the video and song as well. Not heard that song before. I’ve told my sister, who lives in Brisbane, about it. She’s been living there for 8 years now and as absolutely no intension in coming back to live in the UK.

    • Thank you, Hugh.
      I hope you get to visit your sister.
      Did you survive Blogging 101? Finish it? Congratulations if you did. I think it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other bloggers, but I didn’t have the time to devote to it. Maybe next year.

      • Hi Juli, yes I completed the course, although I did not do all the assignments, probably left about 3 out. It was a great course and I learnt so much. I think WordPress are doing it again later this year. Some of the class from the one which has just finished have started a new blog where we all contribute. You can find it at http://www.coveyview.wordpress.com. I’ve made some great new friends from it. Come and join us if you can or maybe take a look.

  4. I love this post! With your descriptions of settling into home and your beautiful images, you’ve really captured the emotions of your journey home.

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