One Last Look at 2013

The first Full Moon of 2014

The first Full Moon of 2014

Before January 2014 and all talk of resolutions and goals disappear, lets take a look at  the resolution list I made in January 2013.

1. Move to Australia to live. – Very happy that this one is now off the list.

2. Find a new home in Australia. – Also happy to have found the home we did!

3. Publish Absent Children That was enormous!

4. Successfully market Absent Children  -How to define success? Millions of sales? Or hundreds. I didn’t get near either of those marks, but despite my avoidance of marketing over the past few months, I haven’t given up yet!

5. Complete first draft of Crystal.  Failing at this has provided me with far more frustration than anything else. I desperately want to finish it, partly because having a second book up there is a marketing tool, but mainly because until it is finished, I can’t know if it works as a story.

6. Meditate regularly (stealing this one, but it has been an intention for two years now, time to make it a reality.) – I began well with this, and felt I benefited, but when life became chaotic, meditation was one of the first things to go. Silly, because I probably needed it more than ever over the last six months. 

7. Maintain good relationships with family and friends  – I believe I’ve succeeded in this one.

8. Read for pleasure as well as work. – I have done this, although perhaps not as much as I’d like to. An important part of my writing life involves critiquing and beta reading for others, and there have been times when I’ve barely managed to keep up with those in recent months.

9. Create two new blogs – one on birthing practices and one on writing– Rethinking this as it still hasn’t happened. I hoped to have blogging down pat by now, but to do it well requires more technical know-how than I’ve been willing to learn this year. I hope I can make time to change that, and when and if I do, I plan to merge the writing blog with the birthing one… maybe.  

10. Enjoy myself. – Overall, I did enjoy 2013 immensely. There were many highs –

  • while still living in Scotland we had visits from Aussie and US friends and family,

IMG_2724  IMG_3367

  • visited my brother and his wife in their UK house sit,

Gorsty Knoll Feb 2013 028



Norway Chile and Florida, January 2013 030 Chile and Florida, January 2013 017

IMG_3007 Chile Jan 2013 036

Since returning to Australia, the good times have continued –

IMG_3584 IMG_3705

January 2014 016

  • catching up with friends, seeing heaps more of family,

Full Moon Jan 2014 510  Photo by Cindy Townsend

Photo by Cindy Townsend
  •  and celebrated Christmas in our new home.  

Full Moon Jan 2014 635

I’m so lucky to have had such a great year, but there have also been a very stressful times; many big decisions made, lots of  money spent and at times, simply too much going on, so this year, I’m shying away from listing goals.

I need to consolidate my new life here before embarking on even a ‘Catherine, Caffeinated’-style of goal setting.

Maybe I’ll make a list next month, or in June? Perhaps December? Or not at all.

Are you a fan of New Year Resolutions?

14 thoughts on “One Last Look at 2013

  1. Now that’s a heck of a lot of items ticked. Well done, Juli! And an exciting year to come, consolidating or not. Would love to see more pix of your house (got those box mountains down to size yet?) Jean and I are indecently curious about other people’s homes!
    Love and all the best,
    Suzanne x

    • I think 2014 will be extremely uneventful in comparison, Suzanne. And I don’t mind!

      We still haven’t sorted the study – need to buy bookcases, but I needed a break. Maybe in a week or two I’ll get to that. Will send you pics.xx

  2. Like you (and your 2014 resolution?! 🙂 ), I shy away from listing goals. I get too frustrated, since I find myself a “glass is half empty” personality too often, and I focus on what I *didn’t* accomplish instead of what I did.

    Looking at your 2013 list, I think you have an amazing amount of accomplishments to be happy about!

    Here’s to a great February – December, with more satisfaction than frustration!

  3. If 2014 is even half as eventful as 2013 was, you will be flying! I’m going to apply the Pareto principle, the good old 80/20 rule: if you have ten things on your list and you achieve the two most important, you are 80% effective. Sounds good to me. And I think you qualify!! H x

    • I like the Pareto principle.

      I don’t even know that I want 2014 to be half as eventful as 2013. At the moment, I still just want to stay here and do nothing but write and nest.

      However, it looks like we’ll be flying Glasgow way in January 2015, now. Do you think you could line up a red carpet affair for me by then? 😉

    • Thanks, Laila. The idea of this blog was to learn how to blog so I could launch the ‘real’ one. I hope to get some help this year and finally get it off the ground. I’ll be announcing it here when it happens, but don’t hold your breath! 😉

  4. Whatever goals to be accomplished this year, 2013 was very successful. Moving back to Australia was all that was needed to do that. However, it has been a little bit of from the frying pan into the fire. Now instead of looking after me (seeing that my schedule suggests I will hardly be there), there are now four children that have been distant concerns for ten years. Now they are no longer distant, but the demands have gone up as well. Finding some time for yourself should be high on the list for 2014. You have more than 40 years of looking after the family and more years looking after others before that. Some YOU time should be a priority.

  5. Juli, I think you should make 1 new year’s resolution for 2014 – to cut yourself some slack! I loved your recent post about living in the moment – it’s so important to allow yourself to simply ‘be’ sometimes instead of always feeling you’ve got to do. Lecture over! XXX

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