9 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Routine (Or, The Problem With Goals)

  1. So what did we learn from this Jules? I didn’t know this lady lived in my house, slept in my bed and looked like my wife….

    • Errr, do you mean Catherine?

      Because, she doesn’t live with us and I seriously hope for her sake that she doesn’t look like me.

      I reblogged it because I liked her take on setting goals and thought some of my writing friends in particular would appreciate it. I might even give her method a go when things settle.

      Do you think we should start talking the old fashioned way? You know, face to face stuff???? 😉

  2. Always exciting to start a new year. A reviver of hopes and intentions! If I can just get this over, and after that, and once we’ve got so-&-so sorted… and oops, is that Christmas again?

    • Shhhh, Suzanne! I’m going to achieve so much more this year! Really, I am… Maybe… I hope.

      what about you?? How’s the new book going? 🙂 I hope it’s progressing faster than mine!

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