What a Difference a Month Makes

I received an email from a friend this month with a link to this video. As this is a ‘full moon’ blog, I thought it would be a good place to share it. Read the written information underneath the clip before you watch it by clicking here.  Or go to: http://vimeo.com/markg/fullmoonsilhouettes

Isn’t it beautiful.

Was it only one moon ago that I was lamenting how sloooowly time was moving?


Where did that month go?

Time flies, eh?

Why is this so?


I asked Julius Sumner Miller the same question and you can see what he said by clicking here or going to this link: http://tinyurl.com/oxp9rxb

A wee trip down memory lane with nothing to do with time flying, except, was it really that long ago that we watched him on television?

Despite being devoid of an answer to my question, the fact remains that in three short months, I’ll be busy packing up our lives for one last time. In the meantime, we have guests visiting next week, and then another staying for a month after they leave, and to top it all off, in August our youngest daughter will be visiting us and taking advantage of free accommodation in Scotland for one last time. Yay!!!!

At this point, I’m focussing more on what I’m leaving rather than what I’m heading towards. I am still looking forward to living in Australia again, but I’ve spent the last two years thinking about that and now is the time to treasure what is here.

Like Spring!


Now, how is autumn shaping up in Australia? I notice a few occasions when we share the same high and low expected temperatures at this time of year, but that will soon change. It will soon be winter in Melbourne with cool and wet days, and it will be summer here with predominately cool and wet days.

Oh…hang on…

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