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Why, oh why has Time suddenly changed its behaviour and begun to drag by? I swear that second hand isn’t moving.

I remember thinking that the time it took to get from one Christmas to the next was immeasurably long when I was young, but as an adult, that changed. Nowadays, it often feels as if Time is in some kind of race and it can’t wait to get me to the finish line. But not this year…this year, I swear it has slowed down.

Am I becoming a child again?

Okay, so I’ve had to extend our departure date by three weeks, but even so, these last three months have felt like six, and in my mind, that means we should be moving back to Australia next month.

But, no! I still have over four months to wait!

It doesn’t make sense.

Maybe this is a good time to reflect on how I am faring in the goals I set for myself in a January post this year. Here’s the list:

1. Move to Australia to live – Duh! Rub it in. FAIL

2. Find a new home in Australia. – Once again, that’s not going to happen until we get there.

3. Publish Absent Children – Ah, success!

4. Successfully market Absent Children – Not yet.

5. Complete first draft of Crystal – Not quite

6. Meditate regularly (stealing this one, but it has been an intention for two years now, time to make it a reality,) – Yes! And it is good.

7. Maintain good relationships with family and friends – Yes, but that’s pretty much a given. I shouldn’t be so blase about it as it is the most important goal on this list.

8. Read for pleasure as well as work – I’d have to confess I’m struggling with the pleasure side of things, apart from the fact that much of the reviewing/critiquing I’ve been doing of late has been really good reading.

9. Create two new blogs – one on birthing practices and one on writing  the writing one is meandering along and not doing well. Birth one is another big FAIL.

10. Enjoy myself – Largely, I am enjoying myself, but I’d be enjoying myself a hell of a lot more if the time would begin moving at it’s normal rate again!!!!

I did that to cheer myself up, but there is more red writing than green, so it hasn’t worked.

Does anyone out there have any ideas about how to make Time move forward at a normal rate? I’d be delighted to hear of any suggestions you have for me. (Nice ones, please. :-))

8 thoughts on “Time

  1. That’s funny, Juli! I’ve been thinking about the exact same subject this week! That’s because I’m working on injecting some pace into The Dare Club – writing some scenes that are more action based. Also, I have a feeling that my 3 minute stand-up gig is going to last a very long time indeed, but come round very quickly! Maybe you could set yourself some scary challenges to make the time whizz past? He he!

    • You’re right, Margaret about Time and fiction, it’s VERY important. As for scary challenges – publishing was a little scary and publishing the paperback is proving to be an enormous challenge. It’s not like I haven’t been busy, we’ve even been for a trip to Iceland in the last month.
      You are right, however, I bet if I signed up to do some Stand-up in a couple of months, that time would go too fast.

  2. I’m suggest that when time seems to slow down, to take the time in those moments to see the gifts in those moments.

    • That’s a good suggestion, Patti, but it’s different from moments of time. I don’t have moments, but when I look back, or forward, it seems to be taking forever to get to August.
      There’s a message there – live in the present. I’ll work on it. 🙂

  3. Dear Juli,

    I am amazed at all the really big tasks you have set for yourself and have managed to complete! As Robert would say, your inner critic is very hard on you! As for the time thing, my sense of time, since being in California has changed all over the place. The time I had here at the beginning of my stay felt like I had lived days in a 24 hour period. There was so much stress and so many things to take into account in making decisions with my mother when she was in the hospital that after a few days, I couldn’t see that something that had occurred was only yesterday! In some sense, time was so intense that it became muddled. I am now in a place that is more reasonably paced, one in which I can enjoy the company of my mother without the stress of getting so many things done, yet there is not enough time to get all the things done that I feel I should do before my return to Scotland. I think, now that I am so close to my return to Scotland, I am beginning to feel the stress thing again. Robert seems to be getting quite overworked and like you on your last trip to Australia, I feel like I am home now, and so am going home to a not-my-home yet home is still with Robert wherever that might be.

    I know that I have some good friends in Glasgow and we already have plans for travel to Birmingham and Australia and we will be back in the US in August, so I hope I don;’t lose touch with friends. I am afraid of being isolated on my return to Glasgow! And yet I know I have good friends there. Maybe for me, the time drags when I feel isolated from people (which I won’t be when I get back) but it feels like that from here.

    My stay here has been worth it. My mother is back to her normal activities, taking charge of her life again, so my job here is really finished. I am spending much of these last few days taking leave of Mom’s friends. trying to figure out how to get all the stuff into my suitcase and wondering if I can still manage to carry all the weight back. (I think I am losing body strength.)

    So as I set here listening to the bathroom clock (tick, tock, tick, tock…..) your blog has again touched a nerve. We really need to get together when I get back!

    I hope to see you soon!!!

    Love, Diane

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