The Change in Me

world map (Photo credit: nsikander28)

I’ve visited thirty countries in the last nine years, many of them in Europe, a fact that has finally settled my discontent about not getting to see Europe. A feeling that was still with me when I left Australia to live in Florida.

I believe most of us stay essentially the same throughout our lives, and I am no exception, but I also think that living overseas has changed more about me than what may have happened simply with the progress of years.

This post is about those changes.

First: I have a new empathy for anyone who sets up home, temporarily, or permanently, in a new country. Although for me it was fun, in retrospect, I also see the challenges. It’s not easy.

Second: I discovered I could make new friends, something I’d doubted when I left the secure group I’d had around me for years before we moved away.

Third: You are reading it – there was a time I was fearful of putting my words out in the public arena.

Fourth: I am no longer registered to practice midwifery. Remember the blog about the psychic? Click here to see it. Seems she was right about the new everything, and despite my refusal to accept her prediction of a new job…

Fifth: I am now an author and my book is about to be published.

Absent Children by Juli Townsende

Absent Children by Juli Townsend

I will post again when the book goes LIVE for Kindle on Amazon. If you are waiting for the paperback version, a little more patience is needed, but I will announce the paperback release via this blog as well.

In the meantime, for more information about Absent Children, or if you’d like to read comments by readers of Absent Children, go to the My Books page in the toolbar, or click here, or view it in my blog by clicking here, or go to my Juli Townsend Author Facebook page, here.

If you read my book, I hope you enjoy it, and tell me about it.

6 thoughts on “The Change in Me

  1. This has been the longest pregnancy that you have ever been involved with, but the birth of your new book is amazing. Congratulations on your discipline, your stickwithitness, and your talent. The “new” you is here!

  2. Since it’s all about me ;-), if you weren’t such a traveler I would not be able to able to call you friend or author.

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