Scenes from White Night Melbourne 2013

Melbourne put on a stunning show last Saturday night. It made me even prouder of my city than I already am.

I now know what I want to do on February 24th, 2014 – attend Melbourne’s White Night and experience it first hand.

Click on the link to Stumble Down Under’s blog to see her stunning photographs of the night. I had to share:

Scenes from White Night Melbourne 2013.

7 thoughts on “Scenes from White Night Melbourne 2013

  1. Juli,

    That was an amazing set of photos and I do hope you are able to attend White Night in Melbourne next year. I am in California, traveling the 20 some miles daily to be at the hospital with my mother. She has a Clostidium difficile infection, had her appendix removed, is having difficulty swallowing, coughing and choking, had a central line put in for nutrition and suffered back spasms this evening. It has been a rough road for her. Love, Diane

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