A list: My top ten for 2013

A belated Happy New Year to you all from Chile.

I’m reblogging this from a fellow writer – A list: My top ten for 2013.

I don’t do resolutions, but I love how the new year prompts us to think of fresh starts. In Australia, the long summer holidays are happening now, and so the beginning of the school year is in February, I always began my new school year with good intentions, which is pretty much what we do with New Year as adults.

So, here’s my top ten for 2013:

Warning: Not a lot of thought has gone into these and they are in no particular order! 🙂

1. Move to Australia to live.

2. Find a new home in Australia.

3. Publish Absent Children

4. Successfully market Absent Children

5. Complete first draft of Crystal.

6. Meditate regularly (stealing this one, but it has been an intention for two years now, time to make it a reality,)

7. Maintain good relationships with family and friends

8. Read for pleasure as well as work.

9. Create two new blogs – one on birthing practices and one on writing.

10. Enjoy myself.

What are your top ten for 2013?

One thought on “A list: My top ten for 2013

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