8 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road

  1. I looked at Cossette’s pictures. Wow! Obviously taken on a warm sunny day, though. The day we drove it, the wind felt like it was coming at us straight from Antarctica! Took our breaths away. But it was still beautiful…just a different beautiful. Still consider it a highlight of our trips to Australia.

  2. Hi Juli, As usual am puzzled by things internet ! How come the Great Ocean Road ? Am guessing you are not there, so is it for people who have not been there. Am on Hotel internet, so limited time. But trip going well, though every one grey haired ! First time on this type of trip which I used to slightly look down at, but there are advantages. No booking of hotel rooms, travel, worrying about meals etc. Did not realise how my back would ache sitting on a coach for prolonged periods, not like sitting on a train at all. Spent time with Laura whilst in Queenstown, she is well, and we enjoyed meals and a massage together. How is preparing to come over going ? On my return am booking Laura’s car in for a service then it will be ready for you. It is ready now but could do with a service. Am hoping you will get this as the return address seems somehow odd. Might try to add another address. Hug and hope all going well. Zoe

    Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 18:21:15 +0000 To: zoedrew@hotmail.com

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